CS50: "Hello World" Report

Today we worked on the first CS50 lesson "hello world" where we learned the basics of CS50. The goal of this program was to type out "hello, world" and to also create two new folders and three files. During the lesson I learned how to navigate between my files and folders by typing cd and then the name of the file I wanted to enter. I typed my code in the file hello.c and at first I had an error in this code because I forgot the f after print, and when I typed make hello in the terminal window it alerted me that I had an error in my code. To compile my hello code I would then type in "make hello" in the terminal window. Then after that I typed in ./hello, hit enter, then the text "hello world" would be typed out in the next line. My first day using CS50 it seemed like a title wave of new information hit me and it left me a little confused. The second day of using CS50 didn't seem as hard as the first day to be because I was sort of familiar …

Computing Innovation in Damien's Lifetime

The adult that I asked about a computing innovation that had an affect in their lifetime was my dad, Damien Houlihan. My dads answer to, "What computing innovation ha had the most impact on your life?" was a hand held calculator. My dad said that this has affected his life because, "it made me learn how to program devices and allowed me to become an engineer". To compare what I wrote was my innovation was more practical and every day usage that everyone could use, but my dads is more specific and more of a computing innovation because I said a stove/oven.

Computing Innovation In My Life

The computing innovation that has the most impact on my life is the stove/oven. This has impacted my life the most because it is how my family is able to cook good food. Food is very big in my family and it is important that it tastes good, and a stove and oven makes cooking food a lot easier, faster, and taste better depending on how you cook it. A negative affect is you could hurt yourself by burning yourself.

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